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It's Like I Can't Breathe - Michael

Title: It's Like I Can't Breathe
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael
Rating: PG
Summary: Lincoln is arrested. Michael breaks.
Author's Note: Written for the psych_30 prompt Catharsis

He breaks and breaks and breaksCollapse )

Imaginary Elegies - Michael

Title: Imaginary Elegies
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael
Rating: PG
Summary: Prison isn't what he expected. He forgets. Hope can't be had.

Blink and it's goneCollapse )

Stasis - Michael

Title: Stasis
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In the past and the present, Michael watches two people die.

He can't stop it...Collapse )
Title: Loving You Was What I Was Trying To Do
Author: Aspen Snow
Pairing: Lincoln/Veronica
Summary: A collection of sentences delving into the relationshp of Lincoln/Veronica.
Author's Note: Written for the 1sentence challenge.
This list is going to be continually updated as more sentences are written, eventually, once all 50 sentences are done I will link them to my 1sentence table.

Catch a glimpse...Collapse )

Lincoln/Veronica 1sentence Table

So, since I seem to be unable to complete an actual fic, I have decided to take on the 1sentence challenge, and my claim for Lincoln/Veronica was accepted. So, here is my table, I hope to have the majority of these sentences done by the end of the day.

1sentence challenge table

#01 - Motion
#02 - Cool
#03 - Young
#04 - Last
#05 - Wrong
#06 - Gentle
#07 - One
#08 - Thousand
#09 - King
#10 - Learn
#11 - Blur
#12 - Wait
#13 - Change
#14 - Command
#15 - Hold
#16 - Need
#17 - Vision
#18 - Attention
#19 - Soul
#20 - Picture
#21 - Fool
#22 - Mad
#23 - Child
#24 - Now
#25 - Shadow
#26 - Goodbye
#27 - Hide
#28 - Fortune
#29 - Safe
#30 - Ghost
#31 - Book
#32 - Eye
#33 - Never
#34 - Sing
#35 - Sudden
#36 - Stop
#37 - Time
#38 - Wash
#39 - Torn
#40 - History
#41 - Power
#42 - Bother
#43 - God
#44 - Wall
#45 - Naked
#46 - Drive
#47 - Harm
#48 - Precious
#49 - Hunger
#50 - Believe

No Puedo Mas Si Tu No Estas

So, I just got back from the IL Divo Concert in San Francisco. It was fantastic, breathtaking, and guh. Words fail me.

This picture I took at the concert, I think, makes words irrelevant and unecessary anyway.

Yes, I'm In LoveCollapse )

All This Spinning Is Making Me Dizzy

So yeah, I feel like my life that lives on the internet died. I'm never on AIM, I'm never on LJ, and I haven't been writing, at all. Last night I got so excited because I wrote two sentences of an idea for a Prison Break fic I've had floating around in my mind. Seriously, I was like "Yay! I wrote something." So sad, really.

But this is what happens when real life intervenes and all of sudden you've got graduation deadlines to figure out, apartment leases to renew or decide not to, grad schools and possible transfer school for the remainder of undergrad to investigate, and advising appointments out the wahzoo. Suffice to say these past two and half weeks have been crazy hectic and not so much fun. But things are finally starting to slow down and I am hoping to finally start writing again, because yeah, I've got an entire notebook that is blank and it is driving me nuts.

In that vein, in an attempt to get past my current 'real life sucks' writer's block, I joined the anon writing meme that has been going around like mad. So, if any of you kind souls feel like leaving anon feedback, positive or negative, it would make me happy like nobody's business.

Tell me what you really think here
Title: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
Author: Aspen Snow
Pairing: Lincoln/Veronica
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lincoln and Veronica before Fox River, before everything...
Author's Note: Written for the Too Much prompt over at fanfic100 and prisonbreak100

Before the escape there was her

Change - Prison Break Video

So I was bored today, or really, I felt like doing some major procrastinating, so I finally decided to make use of my Windows Movie Maker program and I made a Prison Break Video. Soooo excited. It's my first though, so its not really that great, but I thought you guys might enjoy it anyway.

So here it is!

Song/Band: Change - Deftones
Created By: Aspen Snow
Summary: Lincoln has watched Michael change inside of Prison...

Ok first, because all the cool writers are doing it...

Ten Ways To Tell If You Are Reading An Aspen Snow Fic...Collapse )

And secondly, I spent a little over an hour working on these, they are way too much fun in a frustrating oh-my-god-I-have-to-get-this sort of way....so, lets see if you all can figure these out...apparently, if you can get 19+ you are a genius =)

Are You A Genius?Collapse )