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let's watch the fantasies decay

Title: let's watch the fantasies decay
Author: Aspen Snow
Summary: The story of a relationship always starts at the end. This one is no different. The tale of a love affair that never happened. In chapters.

this is the love you left behindCollapse )

and if you would just say hello

Title: and if you would just say hello
Author: Aspen Snow
Summary: Moments have to be made, really-- and this isn't a movie.

if onlyCollapse )

and what's wrong with another sin, really

Title: and what's wrong with another sin, really
Author: Aspen Snow
Summary: She breaks hearts, to put it simply.

Really though, it's more complicatedCollapse )

runaway like a prodigal

Title: runaway like a prodigal
Author: Aspen Snow
Rating: R
Summary: Star crossed lovers, they definitely are not. This is the story of a slightly older girl who is perfect, except when she isn't, and the slightly younger boy who is stupid, but only in retrospect.

One for the ages, almostCollapse )
Title: Unaware That I'm Tearing You Asunder
Author: Aspen Snow
Pairing: Kellerman, Sara
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He can fix this, maybe.
Author's Note: Kellerman owns my soul.

You want to hear about the deal I'm makingCollapse )
Title: Come With Me To Never Land
Author: Aspen Snow
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sara/Kellerman
Summary: Never say never.
Author's Note: This is strictly a what-if.

Take my hand and fly away with meCollapse )

Precipice -

Title: Precipice
Author: Aspen Snow
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sucre, Bellick, Michael, Sara, Lincoln
Summary: They’re all standing at the edge.
Author's Note: I wrote this ages ago for the Prison Break Fic Exchange. Takes place before the second season.

About to fallCollapse )
I died. Now I'm back because this really needed to be written. It's short, very very short.

Title: Death, and Hell Followed With Him
Author: Aspen Snow
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It was too easy. Lincoln goes after LJ.

Hell followed himCollapse )
Title: How A Resurrection Really Feels
Author: Aspen Snow
Character: Michael, Lincoln
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Freedom doesn't taste like it should. Michael and Lincoln in Mexico.

The freedom here is stale at bestCollapse )

Prison Break...And Stuff

So, I've unearthed myself from the hell that is school and midterms and watched the new episode of Prison Break.

Prison Break 1.20Collapse )

In news completely unrelated to Prison Break or School, I have become addicted to ljsecret and it has made me come to the conclusion that everyone in the world either 1. Is secretly in love with someone they aren't supposed to love, 2. Depressed, 3. Really really horny, 4. A little too fixated on their pets, or 5. Just flat out insane.